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Improving Lives Every Day with Our Permanent Hair Removal Services

Remove unwanted facial and body hair and gain confidence in all that you do with permanent hair removal from our company in Durham, North Carolina. For those suffering from ingrown hairs and unsightly razor bumps or those who are simply tired of shaving, bleaching, and waxing, our body and facial hair removal services are the answer to your prayers! Durham Electrolysis offers permanent hair removal for men and women, and our prices are the lowest in the area. In addition to our hair removal services, we also offer permanent cosmetics for eyes, lips, and eyelashes. Choose Durham Electrolysis for the best in beautification services and discover the difference our services will make in your life.

Permanent Electrolysis Hair Removal
Whether you want to get rid of facial hair that makes you self-conscious or you want to have your legs and bikini area done to do away with the task of shaving, we have just the service you need. There are temporary routes, such as shaving, depilatories, bleach, tweezing, and waxing, however, these are temporary and require frequent, time-consuming maintenance. Tweezing or waxing can further aggravate an existing problem, which may also cause skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and scarring. Harsher methods, such as chemical depilatories can burn and spoil an otherwise lovely complexion. At Durham Electrolysis, we are proud to offer electrolysis hair removal, which is the only method of hair removal that is recognized by the FDA as being permanent.

Convenient Services
At Durham Electrolysis, we offer convenient treatment hours and provide a free 20-minute consultation to every client with your first treatment. We ensure you are completely comfortable with the service and understand the process prior to beginning any procedure. All hair removal services are completed in a clean, well-sanitized environment and we ensure your comfort during all hair removal services.

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Man, Permanent Hair Removal in Durham, NC


Woman, Permanent Hair Removal in Durham, NC