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Boost Your Self-Confidence with Professional Electrolysis Hair Removal

Unsightly or unwanted hair can detract from the look you have carefully crafted through diet and exercise. We offer an effective alternative to laser hair removal and topical hair removers. For safe, effective permanent hair removal, contact us today to set up an appointment.

Not Just for Women
More recently, a new breed of men has emerged in the western culture. Perhaps this is due to a correlation between feeling fit and healthy and feeling and looking good. No longer is there a stigma attached to men who are realizing the benefits of improving their appearance. Your physique, hairstyle, and clothes reflect the image you want to convey. 

At ABC's of Skin Care, our clients come from all walks of life and include athletes, businessmen, executives, professionals, students, and doctors. These men all share one thing, the desire to remove unwanted hair from one part of the body or another. 

For effective hair removal, let our blend electrolysis method help with your problem areas such as ingrown hairs on the face and back of neck and dark spots. Other problem areas include eyebrows, ears, hairline, back of neck, beard, chest, and back. It's a safe, permanent non-medical procedure. Along with your electrolysis treatment, we will put you on a regimental plan that has been scientifically proven to bring your ingrown hair problem under control, help eliminate your dark spots, and indentations caused by ingrown hairs. Our electrologist is licensed by the state of North Carolina and we are highly skilled and experienced with specialized training in the treatment of razor bumps and dark spots affecting African American men and women.

Couple, Electrolysis Hair Removal in Durham, NC

Perfect your appearance with electrolysis hair removal services for
your face, chest, and back from our company in Durham, North Carolina.